Storiqa — a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy.

  • For sellers: create your own store and get access to a large number of buyers in 10 minutes around the world and with a minimum commission. Storiqa features a selection of tools for direct customer feedback, bookkeeping and sales analysis, as well as advertising and promotion, as well as a convenient and user-friendly interface.
  • For buyers: buy real goods by currency, including Crypto currency, without extra conversions and from anywhere in the world. All transactions are reliable, because they are protected by a smart contract: the seller will receive the money only after you confirm the delivery.

Link to Site: Storiqa

Stroiqa offers own solution to attract customers on the website for sales increase.

To begin with, we mention again that it requires effort, time and money to organize work of several subcontractors in order to make good well-looking on the website. There is no doubt that such process is quite difficult for small-scale producers.

Storiqa organize work of Content&Media production — it means that sellers will be able to order goods localization which means product description on native language plus video and photo reviews. All these options are available for tokens.

Why does it help?

  1. It does not consume much time. All subcontractors are locate at one country/place and there are ready to react for requests immediately.
  2. Flexible system means quick response and variety of options. Sellers are free to choose several presentation tools or use them all together.
  3. Professional equipment guaranties good results. Apart from that, professionals do it as well.
  4. Guarantee symbol means approval from Storiqa which means that goods are definitely quality and it leads to customer loyalty.

Storiqa is not simply a market place it is community with set of different tools which help in deed. Presentation tools is one of our competitive advantages.

Link to Site: Storiqa

You can buy Tokens Storiqa: HitBtc

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