Simple Pos Pool was created by a team of passionate Proof of Stake lovers and build to make Proof of Stake possible for everyone.

Each of us had their own coins and we sometimes received every couple days. That’s when we saw that together we could achieve a higher daily stake. With this evolution we saw the opportunity that everyone should have…

Welcome to the new opportunity of proof of stake community.

Our Pool is completely automated and you will have your logs inside your account. Simply register, login, choose the coin you want and a personal address will be created. After a couple minutes you will see the coins added to your account.

Staking cryptocurrenciesSimplepospool

Stack B3 Coin, BITB Coin, BITG Coin, BWS Coin, CDM Coin, CLUBCOIN Coin, CROP Coin, DEV Coin, DUTCH Coin, DVRS Coin, EMB Coin, EXTNV2 Coin, FROST Coin, GIN Coin, GPKR Coin, HOLD Coin, HTRC Coin, LGS Coin, LINDA Coin, LPC Coin, MEDIC Coin, MMO Coin, NMD Coin, OLMP Coin, PACCORE Coin, PAR Coin, PHR Coin, PIVX Coin, RAIN Coin, ROE Coin, SATC Coin, SHARD Coin, SHND Coin, SNCZ Coin, SPD Coin, STRATIS Coin, THC Coin, TRTT Coin, VARIUS Coin, VTAR Coin, VULCANO Coin, WORX Coin, XAP Coin, XGOX Coin, XGOXDARK Coin, XP Coin

Solo staking vs Pool staking

Our service cost you only 1% until the end of 2018, after that we will return to 3% from each stake you receive. No fee to deposit nor withdraw. These fees are used to maintain the servers, employees and the referral system.

We have a 4 tier referral system. You refer one friend and when he gets his/her reward, you will receive 10% from the fee of that stake. When your friend refer a friend, you will get 5%. That friend refer a friend and you will get 3%. That 3rd friend refer another friend and you will get 1%… All bonuses are based on the fee we receive. We will never take the referral bonuses from your stake.

When you order a withdraw, you will receive it immediately after the generated stake, 24/7. We are constantly optimizing our wallets in order to generate the maximum stake possible. Each coin is different and we know it.


  • An intuitive user interface to manage your coins and to check the community pool.
  • Reward time is lot shorter when you stake together with our pool.
  • Together we earn higher rewards than individually.
  • We have a lucrative referral system.
  • We are absolutely transparent.
  • Our pool is completely independent.
  • No restrictions on deposits or withdraws.
  • No cost for hardware for you.
  • No cost for electricity, computer or server.
  • Completely secure and stress-free.


  • You have to trust us.

Staking cryptocurrenciesSimplepospool

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