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  • Low trading fees. Enjoy tight spreads and low commission rates while trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and EOS with 1:100 leverage
  • User-friendly interface. Intuitive and fully customizable layout with multi-monitor support
  • Powerful charting engine. Multiple chart types, variety of indicators and drawing tools as well as ability to trade directly from the chart

Our company

Prime XBT is a Bitcoin-based platform, offering a leveraged trading on several digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The company was founded in 2018 and from the very first day, we have grown exponentially and currently serve clients in more than 150 countries. We provide our clients with access to top-tier liquidity and wide range of trading tools, while maintaining security, liquidity, enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for everyone.


PrimeXBT offers a robust trading system for both beginners and professional traders that demand highly reliable market data and performance. Entire infrastructure is designed to facilitate high number of orders per second and extreme loads, while offering ultra-fast order execution and low latency. Our traders of all experience levels can easily design and customize layouts and widgets to best fit their trading style. We are proud to offer such innovative products and professional trading conditions to all our customers.

Our vision and values

Everything we do, from our continuous investment in R&D to the ongoing expansion of our product offering to our clients, is a demonstration of how dynamic Prime XBT really is. It is always our aim to serve the best interests of our clients and continue providing the best in class digital asset trading experience in the industry.

PrimeXBT To Replace BitMEX: 9 Reasons Why

To date, Bitmex has been the ‘go-to’ crypto trading platform to trade Bitcoin with high leverage, as one of the the only viable providers in the space to offer as much leverage as 100x.

The platform’s success comes at no surprise, with so many fervent crypto traders hungry for more profitable and advanced trading strategies, beyond simply buying low, selling high, or ‘hodling’.

To the same tenet, PrimeXBT has launched with much anticipation as a formidable contender to Bitmex, by also offering up to 100x leverage.

While the two trading terminals share this highly demanded feature in common, there are several distinct advantages presented by PrimeXBT that will expectedly see the platform overtake Bitmex to become the No.1 place to trade crypto with high leverage.

Let’s look at 10 of these reasons now:

  1. Aggregated Liquidity

PrimeXBT is setting the industry standard in this regard, by aggregating liquidity in real-time from the 12 leading exchanges.  In doing so, the platform provides its traders with the best possible market price with lightning fast order execution, irrespective of the volume of transactions, and without slippage.

  1. 100x Leverage on All Pairs

BitMEX only provides up to 1:100 leverage when traded against Bitcoin, meaning that all profits and losses must be in Bitcoin, even if you are buying and selling altcoin contracts.

PrimeXBT on the other hand provides up to 1:100 leverage on all available crypto-assets, so far these include: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS.

This leverage can be applied to any kind of position, be it long or short.  This means that PrimeXBT traders can multiply their profits by up to 100 times irrespective of the market condition, be it bullish or bearish.

  1. Lower Trading Fees

Prime XBT’s fees are significantly lower than that of Bitmex.

PrimeXBT: 0.05% on all trading pairs;

BitMEX: 0.075% for BTC, and 0.25% for all other pairs.

Furthermore, PrimeXBT is offering 50% off the first month’s trading for all users who sign up before March 10th, to bring it down to an incredibly low 0.025%.

  1. Alternative Deposit Options

BitMEX does not handle any fiat currency, all deposits and withdrawals are processed via Bitcoin.  Whereas on PrimeXBT, you can deposit and withdraw in any one of the available cryptocurrencies, as well as USD and EUR.

  1. Customizable and Professional Trading Platform

Prime XBT boasts a very impressive, highly-sophisticated and customizable trading platform, equipped with multi-monitor support.  All the while, the platform maintains an intuitive and easy-to-use experience, by allowing users to adjust the UI layout to meet their individual needs.

This adaptability makes PrimeXBT suitable for all skill levels, from a complete novice, all the way up to the most professional institutional trader, and everyone there-in-between.

  1. Advanced Charting Software, Technical Analysis Tools and Indicators

The Prime XBT platform is fitted with a powerful charting engine, with several chart types, a variety of handy widgets, indicators, technical analysis tools and drawing instruments.

These robust capabilities empower traders to perform with accuracy and efficiently by providing a clear oversight of all transactions, positions and orders, while concurrently trading directly off the chart.

  1. Multiple Order Types + Clean and Reliable Order Book

Advanced order types offered by PrimeXBT include: Stop-loss, OCO (one-cancels-the-other), and protection orders, in addition to standard market and limit orders.

To effectively action these order types, PrimeXBT has designed its order book to be clean, crisp and easy to read.  As we all know, the nature of trading will on occasion (perhaps often) evoke high-pressure and stressful situations.  This feeling of stress can be exacerbated by order books with excessive blinking and flashing widgets, causing erratic behaviour and potentially hasty decision making.  BitMEX unfortunately plays host to such an ‘epileptic’ order book and users will all too often encounter their dreaded “order submission error”.

PrimeXBT has strived to alleviate these pain points in the design and development of its advanced trading platform.

  1. Lifetime Payouts – 4-Level Affiliate Program

PrimeXBT allows you to build a full-scale business and be your own boss, with no initial investments, by simply becoming an affiliate partner.

The PrimeXBT 4-level referral program pays out 10 times more than any competitor in the crypto space.  Not only do you earn from your direct referrals, but also from 2nd, 3rd and 4th-tier referrals.

Your direct referrals will net you a 20% share from their trading fees, while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-tier referrals make you 15%, 10% and 5% respectively.

The more direct referrals you have, the faster your network/business will grow.

  1. Advanced Security Features

As you would expect, PrimeXBT employs the best and most advanced security practices available in the industry today.  User’s funds are protected with cold storage wallets, DDOS protection, withdrawal address whitelisting, two-factor-authentication, cryptographic password hashing, and more.

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