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Simplify your finances with all your cards in one. Carry less. See more. Spend smart. Save more.

About Us. But it’s really about you

It seems to us you don’t need another bank. You just need a better way to control your money. So, we’ve created one very simple card that puts all your finances in one very smart place.

With all your finances at your fingertips, you can get on with the business of enjoying life. Get Curve now.

Convenience. All for you

Wouldn’t it be nice if managing your money wasn’t a big, stressful, complicated thing?

Well, hello. Our friendly app lets you magically use all your current cards through one simple, secure Curve Mastercard.

It’s the only card you need to carry. Plus, you’ll get instant cashback rewards from your favourite retailers and you can spend abroad with no exchange fees. Nice and simple.

Control. You’re the boss.

Managing your money just got a lot easier. With Curve , you get real-time alerts that tell you how much you’ve spent (and in which currency).

We also show you how you’re spending to help you budget. And if you use the wrong card to pay, you can Go Back in Time and change it. With Curve you’re in complete control. Brilliant.

Security. Simple and Safe.

Curve is safer than carrying all your cards with you. We don’t store your card numbers in the app, your information is encrypted with military-grade security.

We never ever share your information with retailers. Instantly lock your Curve Card or call us if you lose it and we’ll fix things.

Besides protecting against fraud, Curve now offers the Curve Customer Protection as standard for up to £100,000: an added layer between you and unscrupulous sellers.

Meet the line-up

Choose your Curve card when you download the app and start your financial freedom.

Pick a plan with the features that you want

Save on travel with Curve.

Spend your money on adventures, not fees.

Use any of your cards when you travel, and save up to 5% on hidden bank fees.*

Get Curve. Your Travel Buddy

  • Save: 5% Eliminate hidden bank fees when spending abroad (save up to 5%)
  • Earn 1 % Get 1% instant cashback from a choice of Premium Retailers
  • 210+ Curve works in all the countries and territories that support Mastercard

  • infinite loop All your cards in one Curve Card


Go explore. Experience travel

We believe life is about experiences. That’s why we give you the financial freedom to get out there and see that big old world.

To try new things, taste new things, meet new people. One card can get you there.

Curve card with a splash effect

Simplicity. Travel simply

We make travel simple. Curve is all your cards in one, so you only carry one brilliant card wherever you go. And thanks to our instant notifications, you can be on top of your spend abroad. So relax, enjoy the ride and leave the complicated stuff to us.

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Holiday Insights. Travel Reports

Find out exactly how much you’ve spent from every card you sync, as soon as you spend it. Curve automaticaly categorizes your transactions so you don’t have to.

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Security. Travel carefree

We help you stop those nasty money surprises that can happen when you travel. Our real-time alerts help you see what you spent in the local currency (and yours). If your Curve Card is lost or stolen, you can lock it instantly in our Curve app. Or you can call us anytime, from anywhere. Sorted!

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