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Cobo The future of crypto wallets is here. Safely manage and earn your crypto wealth all in one wallet.

A Trusted Proof of Stake Investment Vehicle

Deposit your Proof-of-Stake assets and receive staking payouts on the coins you hold, conveniently all in one app

All-in-One App for Your Digital Assets We Have What You Need

Cloud Wallet
  • Designed for new crypto owners, never worry about losing a mnemonic seed
  • Generate stable returns on your crypto assets

  • $0 transaction fee & zero-latency transfers between Cobo Wallet users

HD Wallet
  • Take full control of your assets and private keys for maximum safety
  • Easily import your mnemonic seeds from other wallets you may own
  • Support for DApps
  • EOS & Tron voting

We Support 20+ Chains Including ETH, EOS, TRX, and up to 500+ Multi-chain Tokens


We Don’t Compromise on Security

  • Our users’ security is first and foremost our priority


Multi-factor Authentication

  • Login and Payment Passcodes
  • Google Two-Factor Authentication
  • Know Your Customer Compliance
  • Text Notifications


Hot-Cold Storage

  • Cutting-edge Hot-Cold server separation technology
  • Dynamically allocated assets to minimize risk


HSM & Multi-signature Cards

  • HSM bank-level security
  • Private keys stored in multi-signature cards, stashed in secretive locations around the world
The Best DApps in One Place
We host and empower the most popular DApps globally.
DApp store, easy payments, and more…
DApps are the new generation of entertainment, on the distributed ledger, at your fingertips
Enjoy the best DApps on Cobo Wallet, and the best payment experience, including CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, and more
We have an SDK for native mobile DApps

Ecosystem of Cobo

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Why Cobo Wallet

All in One App

  • If you’re looking to play a game, grow
  • your wealth, or store your crypto,
  • Cobo Wallet has it all


Peace of Mind

  • We’re user-minded, so safety
  • is paramount, but we also build
  • products we know you need to grow
  • your investment with minimal hassle



  • We offer the most cutting-edge asset
  • management products
  • and entertainment, through Cobo
  • Wallet’s POS support, DApp store
  • and DApp SDK


Impact Lives

  • We believe cryptocurrency has
  • the potential to transform lives,
  • by offering contemporary
  • cryptocurrency investment vehicles
  • that empower our users to grow
  • their wealth

About Cobo

Cobo is the first leading wallet company in the world to offer Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and masternode rewards on user holdings, making it easy for users to grow their digital assets effortlessly.
As a company, we emphasize long-term security, reliability, and convenience. Our key products and services reflect that vision. Altogether, Cobo offers a secure mobile wallet (Cobo Wallet), high-end cold storage wallet for advanced users (Cobo Vault), and custodial services for institutional investors.
With support for over thirty different coins, 500 tokens, and an integrated DApp store along the way, we aim to be a one-stop shop for everything crypto.

Cobol Vault

Military Grade Durability

The first hardware wallet that meets US militarystandard MIL-STD-810G with IP68 waterproof rating & IK9 certification.

Next-Generation Security

A proprietary bank-grade encryption chip with tailored firmware that meets BIP 32, 39, and 44 protocols to ensure that your private key is stored in the encryption chip at all times.

No Point of Attack

Completely air-gapped to keep your transactions safe from hackers. Elimination of WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC/Bandwith capabilities to prevent all attack attempts from the network

Link Wallet: Cobo Wallet

Link to buy Cobo Vault: Cobo Vault

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