What is Bitmond?

Bitmond is the first full digital status symbol based on blockchain technology, represented as a digital diamond. Every Bitmond is unique because you generate It on the basis of your personal data: It can be bought, sold or gifted. Its value increases over time like every traditional luxury item. In the future you’ll wear it without any risk of theft and it will get you free products or free access to exclusive events. And remember… lower numbering or higher pureness of your Bitmonds will take you advantages. In each future stage of the project.

Don’t say you’ve never been warned!


About us


Bitmonds.com is our way of an innovative project based on emerging technologies, with ethical purpose and that would break down some schemes (Blockchain = Cryptocurrencies).

The first fully digital status symbol based on Network Ethereum was born, represented by a 3D diamond, developed on WebGL technology.


Unlike physical diamonds it does not erode natural resources and does not feed wars.

Unlike common projects based on Blockchain, it does not require payment in Cryptos and generation of a new diamond has a fixed price

Its value increases over time like traditional luxury items, based on a growth algorithm and purity criteria that also make it a potential investment

It’s a unique object, because It’s generated using personal data, property is guaranteed by registration on Blockchain.

It can be bought, sold and gifted to a special person.

In the future It will be common to wear it, without the risk of theft, as part of your outfit.

In the future It will allow to participate in exclusive events and get products for free.

The level of purity will always be a driver of the benefits our customers will obtain.

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