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How does Bitfrex Bot work?

Would you like to have a product that generates constant income for you?

With 15 years of experience in the market, professional traders create a robot that operates for you in Cryptos and Forex automatically.
Based on complex algorithms, the bot closes multiple operations with a high percentage of success. Leaving a steady trickle of benefits.
Is it necessary to have notions of Forex or Trading to take advantage of this product? Not at all. The bot is installed on your computer in a simple way and will be operating from that moment. You can see all the operations that you do live, from any device. Register in our virtual office to have access to the Bitfrex Bot.

How to get yours?

Get your Bitfrex bot in 4 easy steps

  • Signup: Register in our virtual office, for free, where you can manage your purchase and access support for any questions.
  • Buy your Bitfrex Bot: Follow the steps you will find in your virtual office to make the purchase. You can choose between buying a bot that works with FIAT and / or BTC.
  • Install it: You will receive in your email a file with the bot, as well as clear installation instructions in PDF and video format.
  • Relax and enjoy: Once installed, the Bot will start trading for you in the currency market automatically. You can monitor it from any device.

Single and life purchase

Buy your Bitfrex Bot once and enjoy it for a lifetime.

At Bitfrex we advocate offering high quality products and services at very competitive prices. This is how we get our premium product, Bitfrex Bot, on the market with a lifetime license.

1 Bitfrex Bot: 0.10 BTC – Lifetime –

Bitfrex will not charge you more than the purchase of the product. Everything derived from its function, belongs to you.
Once registered in the virtual office, you will have the option to buy a bot that operates with FIAT (USD or EUR) or with BTC. This refers to the type of currency that the bot will use to make the operations.
You install it from your computer, but you will hire a VPS to install it on it. A VPS is a remote server that is on 24 hours a day with an internet connection.
VPS Hosting Bot Crypto and Fiat:
VPS Hosting Bot Crypto and
Open Account RoboForexRoboforex
What it means is that you will have a computer “in the cloud” where your bot will be working. This way you will not have to keep your computer turned on. The bot will work independently.
The VPS will represent your only cost at the time of having the bot working. It is an external cost to Bitfrex that will be about $ 12 per month. Bitfrex, when installing your bot, will recommend the best VPS for you to register in it easily.
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How much capital do I need to start using the Bitfrex Bot?

Apart from the cost of the bot itself (detailed above), Bitfrex recommends having in your broker account, 1500 $ -2000 $ (or its equivalent in bitcoin in the case of selecting a BTC bot) for each currency pair you want operate.


Free acount BitfrexBot (Trader Bot Crypto and / or  Fiat)Bitfrexbot

VPS Hosting Bot Crypto and Fiat:
VPS Hosting Bot Crypto and
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