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We are a team of engineers, product designers, marketers and analysts, gathering our talents to conceptualize and develop innovative and profitable solutions.

The focus area of Arbistar, are the financial markets. We investigate the markets to identify opportunities that we could exploit with automated solutions.

Our goal is to provide our community with products to help them build their wealth and achieve financial independence and prosperity.

Our software solutions are developed and maintained internally. Global Marketing retains intellectual property rights over ArbiStar solutions.

About us ?

Our project is born from the union of great professionals in different areas to bring to the world the first 100% automated product in the history of Arbitration.

We have brought together the most brilliant and committed team to build a business based on Cryptocurrency Arbitration, thus being able to offer a new, global, risk-free and real product for all types of customers.

What is Arbitrage? Arbitration is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to benefit from an imbalance in the price. It is a trade that benefits from exploiting the price differences of similar or similar financial instruments in different markets or in different ways. Arbitration exists as a result of market inefficiencies and, therefore, would not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient.

Robots Crypto Arbitrage – ARBISTAR 2.0

The software developed by ARBISTAR 2.0 makes arbitrage for you in an automated way. Arbitrage is called “risk-free trading”. It is the surest way to accumulateBitcoin since the function is to buy a cryptocurrency at a value in an exchange and sell it at a higher price in another exchange. But we have gone beyond ARBISTAR 2.0, the new software is capable of doing “Parallel Arbitrage”, that is, buying and selling at the same time the same value in two different exchanges. In this way, the gain is immediate, without the need to transfer between exchanges in the middle of the transaction.

Products (Cryptocurrency Market – Arbistrage Bots):

Personal Bot

  • Ideal for Traders and Large Investors
  • Limited Units
  • Arbitrage with crypts and btc-dollar.
  • Integrated in your 13 exchanges
  • Personal investment without limits.
  • Daily operations without limits.
  • TOTAL control of money.
  • License cost 5,000 euros
  • 24 month license
  • This bot does not require a large installation since it is integrated in the same ARBISTAR 2.0 platform, but it will be necessary to integrate the KEYS API of each of your exchanges.
  • You will have absolute control of your cryptocurrenciessince the funds will not move from your own exchanges.

Community Bot

  • Ideal for Networkers and Families
  • No initial cost
  • Without configuration.
  • 100% Automatic.
  • The money is managed by the company.
  • Minimum contribution 300 €.
  • Weekly payment cycles (Saturdays and Mondays).
  • Transparency (live operations).
  • This product is suitable for small investors or for those people who want a crypto-investment in 100% automaticArbitration controlled by the company.
  • The investment will be of minimum 300 euros up to a maximum of 50,000 euros.
  • Every Saturday you will have the option to reinvest the yields or withdraw them to your Bitcoin wallet.

Video Sinng Up Crypto Arbitration:

Results of the first week of Bot Arbistar Community: These are the percentages that the Bot Community has achieved in its first 7 days, taking into account that on Monday 4 it started operations at noon.

Our Products (Forex Market – Tranding Bots):

Arbistar has developed specialized products in the Forex market, having the following trading bots:



Request your ArbipayCard, a top-up card that will allow you to exchange your bitcoins for euros / dollars and use it in more than 150 countries. The maximum charge in bitcoin or other cards is 50,000 euros / dollars per month and has very interesting limits.

  • Up to 20,000 euros / dollars a day for shopping in stores
  • Up to 3,500 euros / dollars a day of cash withdrawals.

It costs 50 euros / dollars only once. It may take 15-30 days to arrive at your address.

You will find all the detailed information once you click on the lower button. Complete the form and access your back office of our card provider, with which you make a direct agreement. In the back-office you have all the functions to load the card, validate the kyc and other issues.

Any doubt or question you must contact the support of our supplier.

Friend Plan

The Amigo Plan is totally optional, but if you develop it, 3 very lucrative BONDS await you + some temporary bonuses.

Unilevel bonus

The unilevel bonus gives you a profit by recommending any of the two products of Arbistar 2.0. Of the people you recommend directly and also of those who come recommended
of these, up to a maximum of 10 levels.
Personal Bots are commissioned 6% on license purchases at each level, up to 10 levels deep without limit of amplitude.
Community Bots commission 2% of the weekly “returns” of your direct and indirect up to a maximum of 10 levels with no amplitude limit.

Extra bonus for Direct

The Extra Bonus for Direct will generate commissions for the fact of boosting your first level of referenced friends (Direct Sales).
For every 100,000 euros of billing in your level 1, that is to say personal sales, ARBISTAR 2.0 will pay you a commission of 10%, that is, € 10,000 of commission paid in Bitcoin.
When you collect this bonus, you can collect it again if you re-invoice € 100,000 at your first level and so many times as you get it without limits.

World Bonus

Those who reach € 1,000,000 in total billing of their equipment, to infinity without depth limits and with a turnover in Level 1 (personal sales of € 30,000) will enter this
World bond for life.
This bonus will distribute 5% of the company’s profits among those who reach these conditions.
They will also allow them to belong to the World Club receiving trips, gifts, preferential treatment at events and public recognition, and their opinions are also highly valued.
and recommendations in the Company.
The World Bonus will always be paid on the first Saturday of each month in Btc ..


New Offices ARBISTAR Tenerife (Spain):

Legal Registration ARBISTAR 2.0 SL. CIF: B76799014


Arbistar 2.0 SL will soon become part of “ARBISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORP” based in Spain that will consist of:

  • Arbistar Community Group S.A
  • Arbistar Inversiones SA
  • Arbicredit SA
  • Arbistar 2.0 SL

Direction : Avenida Antonio Domínguez, número 5. (Edificio Zentral Center), PISO 5, PUERTA 7. Playa de las Américas, Arona. S/C de Tenerife. CP 38650 ESPAÑA


  1. Binance:
  2. Hitbtc:
  3. BitFinex:
  4. Kraken:
  5. Okex:
  6. Poloniex:
  7. Huobi (Código gbzx3):
  8. Bittrex:
  9. Pro Coinbase:
  11. BitMex:
  12. Deribit:
  13. Bitstamp:
  14. Bitflyer:
  15. Ubbit:
  16. ZB.COM:

Video Tutorials for the APIS Configuration of the Arbistar Exchanges:


Link to ARBISTAR Company Website:

Sing Up on the Arbistar Platform: Arbistar

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